Upasana Jain, a graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and Tisch School of Arts, New York founded Artisanal Abode in 2016 to marry her passion for handmade, luxury furniture products with her mission to enrich the lives and professions of local artisans and craftsmen in India. Empaneled as a designer with the Development Commissioner of Handicrafts, India, Upasana believes that the intricate skills of local craftsmen are largely untapped and there is a big opportunity to align our collective creativity towards craft-based design. 

 Each piece is handmade using age old techniques. The work is soulful, reflecting quality and energy. We're working with artisans and craftsmen to produce contemporary handcrafted furniture and products. We're committed to being clear about our standards, and we can speak about the story behind our products.

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